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Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society of North Central College recognizes those who have included the College in their wills or other planned giving strategies. Legacy planning provides resources to North Central and gifts of all sizes have made a tremendous impact on our students and our campus that will last in perpetuity. For that, we are forever grateful. For decades, hundreds of individuals and families have remembered North Central through their wills, life income plans or other planned gifts. Regardless of the size of gift, legacy planning provides resources to the College and has made a tremendous impact to our students and our campus that will last in perpetuity. For that, we are forever grateful.

We honored the Class of 1973 during Homecoming 2023 and welcomed them into the 50-Year Club. Following in the tradition of presenting a class gift to the College, the highlighted names below have chosen to include North Central in their planned giving, which is also added to the overall gift goal set by their class.

If you don't see your or your family's name listed below, please let us know! Email or call us at 630-637-5213.


Larry and Barbara Adkison '69, F

Adrian and Jacqueline Aldrich '02, '03

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Arendsen '65, '65

Rev. and Mrs. Thomas E. Babler '69, '70

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bambule '63, '63

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Bauernfeind '67, F

Mrs. Jean Bauman '57

Debra Behrens '97

Dr. William J. Berberet

Mr. Kevin D. and Mrs. Monna L. Bergdall F, '59

Ms. Erin Bishop '93

Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin Bohnsack '65, '68

Mr. Dennis L. Bosch '73

Ms. Judy G. Bradford '72

Mr. David L. Briggs '65

Dr. Gaylen R. Brubaker '72 and Dr. Barbara Wildemuth '72

Dr. and Mrs. Rogene A. Buchholz '59, F

Mr. Roger E. Burke S'57

Walter and Nancy Byers '71, '72

Mr. Richard D. Campe '91

Ms. Barbara A. Carter '70

Mrs. Mary A. Champion '64

Mr. Douglas P. and Mrs. Margaret Colbeth

Ms. Evelyn E. Craig '75

Mr. Kenneth D. Cress '82

Mrs. Carol Dalessio '68

Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Deiter '75, '76

Mrs. Sandy Dispensa, Parent

Dr. Alan Dowty '59

Dr. J. Charles Eldridge '65

Bradley and Corliss Englert, S'77, F

Rev. and Mrs. David L. Farina '70, '71

Mr. R. Jackson Ferch and Dr. Chwee L. Chng '70, F

Ms. Ann E. Fichtner '88

Mr. Arthur E. Fitzner '53

Leroy K. Foster '70

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franzen II '81, '82

Ms. Lynda R. Frederick '88

Mr. Willard Gabel '57

Mr. Leslie P. Geiter '70

Mr. Jonathan Goldman S'70

Ms. Kathleen Ann Graham '93

Sandra "Sue" Grant

Dr. Nancy A. and Mr. Richard R. Grote '61, F

Ms. Vicki A. Haines '76

Mrs. Ruth L. Hamm

Mrs. Dorothy Haney '60

Mrs. Marilee and Mr. Donald Hanson '62, F

John and Tracy Harrington '91, '91

James P. and Kristin Harrington '87, '87

Joseph and Lisa Harms Hartzler F, '75

Ms. Stefny R. and Mr. Steven L. Heeley '02, '09

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Heintz

Ms. Jamie W. Hensley '98

Mr. P. Arden Herr '71

Ms. June Hess '48

Ms. Ann E. Hurmence '55

Mrs. Mary Kay and Mr. Steven P. Hyett, Parents

Ann M. Jansen

Mr. Donald R. Jirak '63

Mr. Peter P. Jones '76

Mr. Thomas M. Kerwin '80

Mr. David Klussendorf '69

Mrs. Mary C. Knoche '65

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry J. Knuckles

Rev. and Mrs. Lynn K. Kollath '59, '61

Mrs. Jane M. Kopecky '84

Ms. Jane Koten '55

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kotiza '67, F

Rev. Myron M. Kottke '49

Dr. Jacquelee Lamb '63, '64

David Lang '59

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Lelivelt '61, F

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lenz '53, F

Mr. Raymond Leone '62

Rev. and Mrs. Jerome Lipka '71, '71

Mr. Mat Littleton and Ms. Krista Engerman Littleton, '01, '02

Ms. Bette Long '71

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Luze F, '75

Dr. Dan M. Madigan, Jr. '56

Mr. James E. Marseille '82

Ms. Sarah L. Marshall '98

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McFaul '98, F

Marilyn J. McKay, Parent

Mr. Thomas R. Mellish '70

Rev. and Mrs. Duane B. Mevis '56, F

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Minarik '62, F

Ms. Selma Mittelstadt

Scott Mitzel '89

Mrs. Elaine M. Mommsen '50

Mr. Charles E. Mott '64

David A. Murphy, '69

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Naset, Parents

Rev. Donald L. Nickolson '65

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Norenberg '55, '56

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Oesterle '76, F

Mr. Jon Pagano '89

Mr. Allen F. and Ms. Marguerite K. Panek '61, Parent

Ms. Pamela K. Pepper '91

Ms. Susan Marie Peterson '94

Ms. Muriel J. Phillips

Roxanna Pinnow '69

Mr. Donald R. Pletcher '65

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Plum, F, '60

Mr. Paul W. Ramsey '64

Mr. Robert E. Raynett '64

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Rewerts '71, '72

Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Riehm '60, '58

Mr. David J. Rivait '82

Mrs. Linda R. Roberts '74

Dr. Charlotte D. Roederer '65

Mr. Peter E. Roller '63

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Ryburn '61, '63

Ms. Patricia A. Samuel S'63

Ms. Christine M. Savage '99

Mrs. Darlene Noerenberg Schille '51

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Heyer Schroeder '58, '56

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Mira Schutte, Parents

Mr. David R. Schweitzer '63

Mrs. Donna Vee Scott '57

Ms. Elizabeth C. Scott '99

Mr. Jack D. & Joanne Seith '61, F

Mrs. Sharon L. Senn '62

Mr. Terry J. Senty '61

Mrs. Pat Shanower, Parent

Dr. Anne T. Sherren

Mr. Daniel Shiner S'77 and Ms Mary Warner S'76

Dr. David Shiner

Rick and Patricia Spencer (H)'22, F

John L. and Karen Stolz M'90, F

Rev. and Mrs. Donald F. Strauch '71, F

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stuart '59, '59

Mr. Jesse L. Stupple '65

Ed and Ellen Tallach '67, F

Dr. James Taylor

Mrs. Samantha Theobald '76

Rev. Donald K. Utzman '54

Ronald Van Buskirk '62, '62

Dr. Edward Walbridge S'56

Ms. Lynn G. Walker '83

Miss Marilyn K. Walsh '61

Rev. and Mrs. Wayne L. Walther '71, '71

Dennis K. and Anne C. Wentz '57, F

Mr. Thomas A. and Mrs. Lorrin M. Wessel '93, F

Dr. and Mrs. Harold R. Wilde (H)'15, F

Dr. Richard J. Wyllie '63

Mr. Nicholas J. Zec, Jr. '81

Jack and Joanne Zentz '71, '72

Dr. Beth Zimmermann '63

Ms. Carol Zook '68

In Memoriam
Donor Stories
Donor Stories
Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others. Explore the many benefits of charitable gift planning.