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It is no secret that the strength and reputation of North Central is widely known, and it is obvious to me that our faculty, alumni, students and staff that North Central is truly a family - with a sense of community everywhere you turn.

As I start my tenure as president of North Central College, I cannot thank you enough for your past support. Our students are our focus every single day, and without your gifts, they would not have the opportunities that we are able to offer. Your annual gifts, coupled with a planned gift, allow us recruit exceptional faculty, maintain our beautiful campus, and provide scholarships and tuition aid to our brilliant students.

As you consider what you would like to support, I hope you find exactly the right fit for your philanthropic passions, and I assure you we are forever grateful. For what you've done, and for what comes next, I thank you.

Anita Thomas
Anita Thomas' signature

What to Support

When you decide to include North Central in your planned giving, there are many decisions to consider including what programs, services and missions are important to YOU and your family. Planned giving is an opportunity for you to plan now to provide North Central with financial resources for years and decades into the future. A gift from your will, or as a named beneficiary from your IRA, insurance policy or Donor Advised Fund, would support our students and campus in perpetuity. Let us know if you would like to talk with us if you have questions about what to support.

Greatest Need

Planned giving is an opportunity for you to plan now to provide North Central to have with financial resources for years and decades into the future. Gifts that are designated as Greatest Needs would be used to address unanticipated needs, support students in their scholarship, travel or other requirements; strengthen critical priorities; or allow North Central to Dream Bigger.

Undergraduate & Graduate Education

Just as no two college students are exactly alike, there is no one way to shape your planned gift. Learn how you can support undergraduate and graduate education - including establishing student scholarships, supporting undergraduate research, and faculty and academic programs, or funding co-curricular experiences. Through a series of engaging, inspiring and vigorous courses, our students embrace the ideology that they will make an impact within their chosen field. From beginning their studies at the undergraduate level, to experiencing an internship to earning advanced degrees, our graduates become leaders and influencers in their chosen fields, and are ready to enter or accelerate their careers at an advanced level.

Shimer Great Books School

In 2017 it was noted that acquiring Shimer College "adds a distinctive and differentiating academic offering to the North Central campus and provides a location where the Shimer model of education can flourish." The Shimer Great Books School continues the traditions of pursuing wisdom, finding guidance and gaining perspective at their college home.

College Chaplaincy and Office of Faith in Action

The importance of the College's Chaplaincy efforts cannot be overstated. The Chaplaincy and Office of Faith in Action are designed to reach ALL students and members of the campus community, regardless of their faith tradition.

Endowed Scholarships, Chairs & Funds

Endowed Scholarships and Faculty Chairs rest at the heart of what we're all about: student success. Financial support makes it possible to welcome dedicated and inspired scholars to North Central College, regardless of their ability to pay. Endowed chairs - also known as faculty chairs - are crucial to attracting and retaining these remarkable mentors. Generous alumni, friends and other benefactors of the College fund these chairs.


Our students are encouraged to challenge themselves every day, to impact tomorrow. Through 22 sports and 30 national championships, intramural sports, cheerleading, dance and band, North Central has a long history of inspiring students to exceed their personal best. By supporting every student athlete, every coach, and every program, you support countless of students who are team players, and champions.

Student Life, Centers & SO much more

Becoming an informed citizen leader is core to North Central's mission. We all remember experiencing a great deal of our college education outside of the classroom - from club activities, volunteering, tutoring and participating in experiential learning, Student Life grounds our students and inspires them to be their best. Through North Central's various Centers and Institutes, students have the opportunity to learn from and participate with noted faculty and experts on the importance of global learning; understanding financial decisions; exploring career and further education opportunities, and embracing their health, wellness and spiritual nature.


North Central is blessed with a beautiful campus and Old Main continues to be our anchor, leading our students north to Oesterle Library and Koten Chapel; and south to the Science Centers, classrooms, and fine arts venues. We are home to some of the best facilities for schools our size, and over the course of the past decade we have greatly enhanced our campus. The addition of the Wentz Science Center, the Wentz Health Sciences & Engineering building, a new home to Shimer Great Books School, and a new parking pavilion, as well as updates to our athletic and recreational facilities, was critical to our recruiting outstanding students and exceptional instructors. Indoors and out, our students, faculty and staff enjoy well-equipped, state-of-the-art facilities from which they teach, learn and compete. We're even a certified Arboretum!

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about how to make a bequest to North Central College or to request any additional information that might be helpful to you and your attorney as you consider making a bequest to us.

If you have included a bequest for North Central College in your estate plan, please contact us to let us know. We would like to thank you and recognize you for your gift as part of the Cornerstone Society.

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